So, what with that nice barbeque place on the Hudson becoming that nice barbeque place in the Hudson, I needed a place to take my parents.  Since they hadn’t had pizza while they were in New York, I thought a trip to Nové would be nice.  Holy crap was I wrong. 

Ok, the pizza wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as previously, with way too much cheese.  But the main problem was just the atmosphere and the service.  The place was loud.  Unbelievably loud.  I mean that literally, because the place wasn’t full, and if they had a sound system active, I couldn’t hear it.  And yet, beyond all reason, the din was ear-splitting.  People on at the various tables were shouting, whooping, clapping, laughing uproariously – and this is place that tries to put on an air of “class.”  I don’t know if we were just seated in a sonic focal spot or what (the all hard surface interior undoubtedly helped keep the sound in).  And the service – fifty-eight minutes for a pizza.  Twenty minutes for an effing bowl of soup!  I’m not typically bothered by noise, but this was just continually grating on my nerves the entire time, plus the fact that I know my parents were hating it too (my mother can’t stand crowds or noise) made the experience pretty miserable.  The tortellini en brodo wasn’t worth getting.  The tortellini was unexceptional, the brodo unfortunately, was exceptionally bad

I may go back for lunch sometime, but never again for dinner.