This was my thought process while looking over the specials a few weeks back:

Oooh, pastrami sandwich on the specials today.

OMG apple fritter French toast!  Must have!

No!  This is the first meal of the day.  That’s all sugar.

Which will make it awesome!  And go perfectly with coffee.  Need coffee.

Yeah, but we’ll need another meal right after this, because we’ll be craving solid food.  Hey, look at that, breakfast sandwich with smoked gouda.

Smoked gouda and bacon is a very good choice.  But it comes with home fries.  The pastrami comes with sweet potato fries. 

And they never have apple fritters on the menu!  Who knows when we’ll see it again?

Shut up.  Blank mind.  When the waitress comes to take my order, just speak without intention.

The pastrami sandwich was good.

The next week, I finally got around to trying the often-on-the-specials-menu “College Breakfast Sandwich II,” which I believes differs from the original College Breakfast Sandwich in that it contains a sausage patty instead of bacon.  Otherwise it consists of a bagel-based breakfast sandwich containing eggs, cheese, cream cheese, the meat in question and Doritos.  The Doritos are part of the sandwich, thus making it “college.”  I imagine we’ve all incorporated chips in our sandwiches before, haven’t we?  I did as a kid, and really, it’s a pretty good idea, providing crunch and a bit of salt.  I may need to start doing it again.