Winslow’s Restaurant

I heard about a restaurant down the road from where I live, but in the opposite direction than I usually travel that was famous for its turkey dinners.  Lori at Ravenous confirmed it, and mentioned that she liked it.  Good enough for me.

I went and found it, it was very close, and after settling in at the bar (I do a lot of eating at the bar lately, it frees up tables, reduces any potential wait that I might experience, and sometimes the bartender will be bored enough to strike up a conversation.)  I realized that it must have been fate that I chose to try Winslow’s this particular evening.  You see, I don’t carry cash.  Winslow’s only accepts cash.  But that day, I had grabbed some cash to go to the Farmer’s Market, and still had enough on me to pay for dinner.   Dinner, as per recommendations, was turkey with the trimmings.  The plate was arranged in the following manner:  a pile of dressing was put down.  I can’t really tell you how much, since during the entirety of the meal, I never saw it.  I know it was there, I could taste and feel the texture, but I never was able to get a visual confirmation.  There was a goodly portion though, maybe a third of the plate.   Half of the plate was devoted to good mashed potatoes.   Dark meat turkey was placed over the entirety of the dressing and remaining part of the plate, with a layer of white meat slices covering the dark meat.  The plate is getting pretty tall at this point.  Then, gravy is poured over the whole damn thing, excepting a small space on the rim of the plate which is reserved for cranberry sauce.   A tiny bread/appetizer plate on the side contains their concession to vegetables:  two broccoli florets and a tablespoon of seasoned cooked cabbage. 

A side note about the cabbage:  it was good, like everything else.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, I have very little or no idea about what is normal up here or not.  Apparently cabbage is not a normal turkey side dish in upstate NY.  I had a very similar experience early in my stay here.  When my equipment was being installed at my job, they were required to have seismic restraints.  We never needed seismic restraints in Texas, but then again, Texas does not have earthquakes.  My logic dictated to me that if NY requires seismics, NY must have earthquakes.  So when an earthquake hit, once I realized what was happening (it was absolutely nothing like the movies, more of a slow pulsing/rolling than a vibration/shaking) I wasn’t terribly concerned.  This was just something that happened, right?  Apparently not, because the natives were freaking.  A similar situation occurred here.  I was served cabbage with a turkey dinner, I just assumed it was a regional variation, maybe from the Irish or perhaps Dutch influences.  Everybody I’ve talked to since then though has assured me it’s not a thing, it’s strictly an innovation of Winslow’s.

Anyway, the meal was delicious, a literal feast of old-fashioned hearty (let’s be honest, too hearty) fare.  I completely recommend Winslow’s if that’s the sort of meal you want, but their cash only policy will prevent me from dropping by on a whim. 

Since I still had cash, I went back to try more of the menu before I wrote this entry.  I got the burger, which turned out to be rather more of a patty melt, hold the onions.  The (cooked) burger patty and cheese were put between slices of bread and grilled.  It was served with thick cut fried potatoes and in a twist reminiscent of their cabbage side dish, a quartered, seasoned hard-boiled egg.  Again, a good meal, but one I’d have to plan for.

I’m planning on taking my parents here, but I’ll have to make sure I’ve got the cash for it.

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